All about telehealth

All about telehealth

With COVID-19 still a huge factor for all of us, many patients and doctors are turning to telehealth to get their healthcare and conduct business. Telehealth is becoming increasingly popular in order to prevent the spread of illness and some doctors and patients are actually liking it much better than the usual in-person appointments. 

If you haven’t had to do a telehealth appointment yet, you may be wondering what exactly it is like and what you should expect. While it appears that it is the norm for the foreseeable future, it looks like it could actually be sticking around for a lot longer than COVID-19. 

Telehealth is a great way to prevent the spread of all sickness and illnesses, regardless of the current pandemic. Telehealth could be super helpful during times like flu season when patients need their regular check ups, but don’t want to be around those coming in for other sickness. While it may seem odd to have a health appointment online, it is actually helping people stay healthier!

What can you get?

You may be wondering what exactly you can get healthcare-wise when it comes to telehealth and you can actually get a wide variety of things! This obviously includes a general, wellness visit with your doctor. This is usually your yearly and is just a check up to make sure everything is going well and you don’t have any questions for your doctor, but with the best health insurance it can cover much more than that, too!

Telehealth can cover dermatology, eye exams, nutrition counseling, mental health counseling and urgent care conditions. This means that telehealth is a great option for those who would prefer to speak to their doctors in the comfort of their own home, while still getting the care and attention they need!

Is it covered?

If you are sold on the telehealth idea, you may be wondering if it will be covered by your insurance. Telehealth can sometimes be a bit tricky when it comes to being covered by your insurance plan. Most of the time your insurance will cover at least a portion of the telehealth visit, if not all of it. Your best bet is to check your plan and see what is covered before you make a telehealth appointment. Even the best health insurance may not cover the full cost. 

Most preferred provider organization (PPO) plans will allow for telehealth visits and reimburse you for them; however, most health maintenance organization (HMO) plans have not begun to adopt telehealth yet. This is largely in part due to the payment structure with physicians. In this case, you may have to get telehealth through a contracted company, instead of your doctor. 


For the most part, telehealth is a super useful tool for those who are looking to protect themselves from illness, but with all things there are a few draws. The biggest con to telehealth is that it can be a bit impersonal. Some argue that resorting to online interactions instead of in-person visits could have an effect on the doctor, patient and their overall care. This typically varies between doctors and patients, though. Lastly, like mentioned before, navigating the reimbursement landscape can sometimes be tricky with telehealth, so you need to be sure what is covered by your plan before you go ahead with it. 

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