how to safely celebrate the holidays

how to safely celebrate the holidays

2020 has been a special year and many would argue not in a great way. We have encountered many things this year that have changed the way we live our lives, celebrate birthdays, holidays and events and the way that we build and maintain relationships. Even with the best health insurance, you want to do your best to not get sick. 

As the holiday season is among us, it is important that we are still able to celebrate with loved ones and participate in all the traditions that we love so much – just in a different way. With the surgance of COVID-19, it is obvious that we cannot celebrate how we usually do, with big gatherings, parties and events. The best way to ensure that you and your family stay safe and healthy is by limiting your exposure to those outside of your home. So, what does that mean for the holiday this year?


Thanksgiving is tomorrow and it is such a fun holiday because it is filled with friends, family and most importantly – food! One of people’s favorite parts of the holiday season is making their favorite dishes that they don’t get to eat all year round. Big turkey dinners consisting of mashed potatoes, stuffing, casseroles, pie and whatever else your family uses to celebrate is the name of the season! 

While we can’t have huge dinners like we normally do, that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate! If you have some money to spare, consider dropping off dinner kits to friends and family. Put together a small basket with last minute things they will need. Think boxed stuffing, a pie or even a bottle of wine.

Another way to celebrate is by playing games after dinner! This is often a popular tradition among families. Create a Zoom link and send it to friends and family you want to celebrate with. Create a fun trivia game that you all can play together and spend some time with everyone virtually. Though it isn’t the same, it can still be a whole lot of fun! Consider having everyone decorate for the upcoming holiday together. 

Winter holiday

Whichever holiday you celebrate during the winter season whether it is Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Las Posadas or Diwali, you will likely want to spend those with your friends and family as well. Again, safety and health is the top priority this season. Consider doing fun gifts like Secret Santa that you can drop off on people’s doorsteps. This will eliminate the need to be within close contact with others, but is still a great way to give and celebrate the holiday spirit. 

Looking at holiday lights is a classic tradition for many people. You will want to count out any big tree lighting events or lights that you have to walk through, but a great way to still participate in this is to drive to light shows! There are many houses that go all out that you and your family can go and drive past. Grab some hot chocolate before, play your favorite holiday music and go searching. Here is a great resource to find holiday lights near you! 

No matter what you celebrate this season, we want you and your family and friends to be safe and stay healthy! Though you may have the best health insurance, it is still best to avoid unknown and unplanned illness like COVID-19 and it’s side effects. Use this year to celebrate small with your immediate family.

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